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Only dull people are brilliant in the morning

yours truly

Please Don't Talk About Me: Not so bright young thing. Fangirl. Knitter. Optimist. Radio Four addict. Greenie. Socially inept. Likes a good mystery. Poet. Most often found in the garden. Likes reusing things. Student. Semi-vegan. Leaking madness like a sieve. Not charming, but definitely insane. Takes the stairs. Work in progress.

Sing, Sing, Sing: Soundtracks. Swing. 90s. Good lyrics.

A Writer of Fiction: Agatha Christie. Adèle Geras. Diana Wynne Jones. Neil Gaiman. Stephen Chbosky. Oscar Wilde. Meg Rosoff. Evelyn Waugh. Antoine De Saint-Exupéry. Douglas Coupland. Kate Atkinson. Arthur Conan Doyle. E Lockhart. Sarah Winman.

That's Entertainment: The IT Crowd. Due South. Supernatural. Agatha Christie's Marple. Lewis. Sherlock.

Radio Love Song: The Now Show. Hut 33. Bleak Expectations. Ladies of Letters. Cabin Pressure. The News Quiz.

Hooked to the Silver Screen: Wilby Wonderful. Gosford Park. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Easy A. Spirited Away. Red Dog.

Semi-private. All my book reviews, graphics, articles, and general stuff will still be public but any private posts will be Friends Only. Sorry.

Screencaps from Screencap Paradise and djcapslock

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